Day 1
August 6th, 2022

0800 Registration

0845 Welcome address

0900 Acupressure and acuneedling- Sylvia Jenkin

0950 Australian College of Midwives- Kellie Wilton

1040 Morning tea

1110 Spinning Babies- Jenny Blyth

1200 NIPT and RhD implications- Helen O'Brien

1250 Lunch

1350 Common mistakes in business- Peter Read

1440 Suturing for midwives - Candace Reynaud

1530 Nurse and Midwife Support- Mark Aitken

1630 Close of Day 1 program

Conference dinner 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Program coming soon!

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Day 2
August 7th, 2022

0830 Birthing on country- Melanie Briggs

0920 Components of breast milk research- Caren Biddulph


10.40 Birth trauma- Carla Anderson

11.30 Pelvic floor preparation for birth-Ocean Kabikwa

12.20 LUNCH

13.20 Establishing M.A.M.A.- Jan Ireland

14.10 Mother's Milk Bank Charity-Lynne Hall

1500 Butterfly IQ Ultrasound- Mark McDonald

1600 Close of day 2

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