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Sylvia Jenkin is an Endorsed Midwife who provides continuity of care for women including home birthing and also has admitting rights at Sunshine Coast University hospital. Sylvia is a Lactation Consultant and utilises acupressure and accuneedling to enhance her care of women during pregnancy and birthing.



Azure Rigney is Brisbane mum and the President of the Queenslnd Maternity Choices branch. She is focused on maternity system reform though utilising the Qld Human Rights Act 2019 and is a volunteer speaker at a wide variety of events and functions- promoting the righs of women during pregnancy an childbirth.

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Kellie Wilton is the Principle Midwifery Officer for the Australian College of Midwives. She is an endorsed midwife and has worked across a variety of settings- most recently in the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector. Her postgraduate studies include qualifications in clinical education, international health, and a Master of Primary Maternity Care.  Most recently Kellie completed a Master of Public Health (Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing)/Master of Health Leadership and Management .

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Helen O'Brien is a Senior Research Assistant in Clinical Services and Research at the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. Helen has extensive laboratory-based experience in non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal blood groups including RhD. Helen trained in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Public Health and has held several scientific roles within Lifeblood since 1995

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Caren Biddulph is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with a special interest in infant and paediatric nutrition. She is currently researching maternal diet and human milk components at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Caren completed her Nutrition and Dietetics degree (Bachelor of Science) followed by her Masters in Nutrition. Caren completed the postgraduate International Olympic Committee (IOC) Diploma in Sports Nutrition in Geneva, and is a current PhD candidate at USC. She is passionate about the promotion and protection of breastfeeding as the optimal source of infant nutrition.



Elevit Australia provides education, advice and support to women throughout their pre-conception, pregnancy and postnatal journey. One of the Elevit team will be speaking about supporting women with complex dietary and nutritional needs during pregnancy.

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Peter Read  is a retired newspaper general manager, now living in Pomona, Queensland. For the past six years he has been a voluntary business mentor with Business Mentors Noosa, assisting a wide variety of businesses, including some in allied health. His wife is a retired midwife, his elder daughter is an OT and a younger daughter is a paramedic. During five decades in newspapers,  Peter worked as a journalist/editor/general manager, spending the last 15 years of his career successfully restructuring newspapers to improve their profitability.  He will be speaking on the common mistakes made by many of the businesses mentored by BMN.  

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Mark Aitken has been a proud registered nurse for over 30 years. He has worked in many areas of nursing and midwifery, including general surgical and medical units, critical care, sexual and reproductive health, education, research, project management, maternity services and residential, community and specialty aged care services. Supporting nurses and midwives has been a constant in Mark’s career. Mark is currently the stakeholder engagement manager at Nurse & Midwife Support (NM Support). 

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Mark McDonald is a sonographer and radiographer and has a National Diploma in Diagnostic Imaging and a Diploma in Medical Ultrasound. Mark is the General Manager for the Butterfly Network in Australia and New Zealand.