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Dr Melanie Jackson  and has been a midwife in private practice, and providing homebirth services, since 2009.  Melanie completed her PhD, called "birth outside the system", in 2015, and she has held positions in midwifery research, midwifery lecturing and National Policy development at the Australian College of Midwives along side her work as a midwife. Melanie has a degree in Naturopathy and incorporates alternative therapies and nutritional guidance into her midwifery care. 

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Rainbow Families Qld Coordinator Dr Holly Zwalf has a PhD in feminism and queer theory and a passion for advocating on behalf of diverse families like her own. She is a queer

solo parent by choice who is about to birth 

her second child. She is attempting a VBAC homebirth in regional Queensland but is prepared for all potential outcomes!

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Dr Roslyn Donnellan-Fernandez  has been a midwife since 1993 and practiced in public, private and community settings. Roz co-led implementation of the public caseload midwifery group practice model in South Australia and has experience in teaching and curriculum development in midwifery programs at three Australian universities. Roz has current  Medicare and Midwifery Prescribing endorsement and completed her PhD in 2016.

She currently teaches midwifery programs at Griffith University.

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Donna Towers is a midwife, nurse and Calmbirth practitioner based in Mackay, Queensland who is a passionate advocate of pregnancy and parenting education. Donna has 20 years’ experience as a nurse and midwife, as well as has child health qualifications, and is the owner of Hello Baby Mackay. 

Nicky Scrymgeour will be taking you for a tour through Expect Maternity and discussing some of the exciting developments Expect has coming in the future. Expect Maternity Software is mobile software that makes capturing your clients information easier than ever before. Expect is now the leading maternity software for independent Midwives in NZ. Expect became available in Australia in 2015 and has continually evolved to meet the needs of Australian Midwives such as the ability to create a Record of Understanding in line with the National Midwifery Guidelines 

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Lauren Neill is a senior physiotherapist at Physio Plus in Mackay. She has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and a Graduate Certificate in Physio (pelvic floor) and she has recently completed her masters which includes a project on inflammatory conditions of the lactating breast. Lauren has a keen interest in Women's Health Physiotherapy. 

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Moira Churchill trained as a nurse and midwife in South Africa and now works as a Women's Health Specialist for Bayer Australia. Moira has a midwifes' understanding of the needs of pregnant and postnatal women and years of experience sharing information about contraception options with health care professionals .

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Alison Davis is an Endorsed Midwife working at the Mackay Birth Centre. Alison practices across the entire spectrum of midwifery and is an Endorsed Midwife practicing within the Queensland Public Health system. Alison completed her Graduate Certificate of Midwifery at Flinders University in 2019. 

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Hayley Wilson is a qualified doula and the owner of Best Birth Mackay. Hayley aims to provide women and their partners with evidenced based information and support without bias or judgement. Hayley is also a qualified early years teacher and parent and offers education and support services through the antenatal, birthing and postnatal period.

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Chris Raines is a Registered Nurse and Endorsed Midwife with more than 20 years experience in nursing and midwifery. Chris has a Graduate Certificate in Child, Youth and Family Health and a Masters in Public Health. Chris is the owner of Dauntless Birth and is the organizer of the Australian Endorsed Midwives Conference.

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Hallie Barron is the Clinical Risk Coordinator for MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency), which is the only insurance agency providing cover for Endorsed Midwives in Australia. Hallie has expertise in privacy requirements, social media use, cyber-security issues and how to manage complaints.

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Martinique Aprile works as a pharmacist in Mackay at the Mackay Discount Drug Store. She has a Bachelor of Pharmacy, over 10 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about medications and health promotion.

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Tanya Vogt was appointed the Executive Officer of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia in July 2014. Tanya has been working in the area of health practitioner regulation in Australia since 2007, and has been directly involved in the development of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme in Australia.

Tanya has qualifications in nursing and law and has practiced in both areas. 

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Liz Wilkes will be joining us to speak on behalf of Midwives Australia.
Liz is the Managing Director of the hugely popular My Midwives group and has been a Private Midwife for 13 years. She has experience across a wide range of midwifery roles including education and regulatory planning and will be speaking about the ways in which Midwives Australia supports Privately Practicing Midwives in Australia.