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Why attend a conference?

Why do people attend conferences and, more specifically, why is it a great idea to attend the Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference?

With online learning, YouTube and Google to search for knowledge, why does anyone leave home and bother to attend a conference anymore?

One good reason is that sometimes taking a break from the job that you do, even if it's a job you're passionate about, can reset your enthusiasm and give you new tools to work with.

The Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference will be held in sunny Queensland, in the dead of winter- a perfect time and a great place for a break away. Recharge your batteries and then go back to making a difference in the world with a fresh view of your role and your goals.

Conferences are a great place for networking.

In the midwifery sense, especially in the world of private midwifery, we can feel isolated and alone, but a conference is a wonderful place to meet people who are in the same boat. Share experiences, swap tips, gather contact details for later. And the conference is asking that you bring business details to create a compendium of midwives who you can contact for help, for information and for support.

A conference can help us learn new skills, like the insertion of I.U.D's, which will be an option at the Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference.

Learning in a new space, away from our day-to-day lives, can enhance learning and bring about new ways of seeing.

The energy of like-minded people is always present at a conference and the conference, and the dinner, aim to bring together endorsed midwives from across Australia to create this wonderful energy.

Conferences are an opportunity to invest in yourself. And after years of investing in others, it's definitely time to do the same for yourself.

And last, but not least, a conference can be great fun. The dinner at the Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference is scheduled specifically to give everyone time to catch up with old friends and make new friends. To have fun, to debrief and to remember why we do the job that we do.

The Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference- come and join us in June for an amazing experience


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