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Adding IUD insertion to your scope of practice

When defining "scope of practice" both the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and the Australian College of Midwives agree that a midwifes scope of practice can be evaluated based on the NMBA’s Decision-Making Framework13; that is, a midwife may carry out a particular activity if they:

• have received appropriate education and experience to carry out the activity safely;

• have been deemed to be competent by a supervisor;

• are confident in their ability to carry out the activity; and

• have appropriate authorisation.

Endorsed Midwives, being experienced midwives with a strong educational background are more than capable undertaking the steps required to insert an IUD, but in order for this to fall within the scope of practice of an individual Endorsed Midwife, there needs to be evidence of education and experience, as well as being deemed competent by a supervisor.

If you are coming to the Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference in June, the process to obtain education and experience is about to become significantly easier.

Prior to coming to the conference, individual midwives are able to create an account on the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists eLearning CLIMATE website and undertake the theory component of the Long Acting Reversible Contraception module at

This module provides education with a certificate, which can be used as evidence of education about Long Acting Reversible Contraception's, including I.U.D's.

At the conferenced, midwives will have the opportunity to undertake simulated training around insertion of an I.U.D.- fulfilling the education and training aspects required for a task to be included in their scope of practice.

The final step would be for the midwife to find a "supervisor" to deem the midwife competent. This supervisor could be the doctor with whom the midwife has a collaborative agreement, a sexual health nurse who inserts I.U.D's or a health practitioner from a women's health clinic who inserts I.U.D's in the practice.

The Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference is delighted to be able to assist by providing information about education options, experience with simulation devices and an overall understanding of possibilities around this skill and scope of practice.

The conference aims to be so much more than a traditional death by PowerPoint learning experience. Together we can accomplish so much more than we can apart. Come along and see for yourself.

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