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Call for Abstracts

Do you have a great program, successful practice enhancement or new research to share? 

The 2023 Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference is calling for the mountain movers, the people who lift others and the doers of the world to share their information with other midwives.

Tell us what you've learned, what you've achieved and  help us grow as a profession.

Present your work at a national conference

The call for abstracts asks for people who are willing to present their information as a speaker at the 2023 Australian Endorsed Midwife Conference.

The presenter will need to attend the conference in person. Zoom and other digital presentations are not an option.

Information must be original and the work of the person who is presenting .

Abstracts will be reviewed by the conference committee, and applicants will be contacted with notification if their submission has been accepted.

By submitting an abstract you are indicating that you are willing to attend the conference in person to present your information.

Conference presentation

Submission of abstracts


Abstracts must include the following information;

  1. Abstract Topic – abstracts must be related to, or focused on midwifery, perinatal care or private practice.

  2. Presenting author's contact details (should be the same details as the submitting author so that the presenting author receives the correspondence about the abstract)

    1. Email address

    2. Full postal address

    3. Daytime and evening phone number

  3. Author and co-authors' details

    1. Full first and family name(s)

  4. Abstract title - limited to 20 words in UPPER CASE

  5. Abstract text – limited to 250 words

  6. Biography of the presenter

All submissions to be emailed to

Submissions close December 31,2022.

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